Jennie Lyn Bernston talks about Recovery Balm
My name is Jennie Lyn Bernston and I am a carpenter on TLC's 'In A Fix.' I use Skingenious products every day and I'll never use another product again. In my line of work, not only am I required to look my best for the camera, but I do a lot of damage to my skin and need a lot of special care. Any products I've used in the past have caused excess oil, excess drying, or rashes. My delicate skin needs protection from many different angles and Skingenious gives me that. On top of it all, though I've sunned a lot and not cared for my skin well in the past, my skin looks younger and healthier than it did 10 years ago.

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Thom Bierdz Actor/Screenwriter talks about

People say I look better today than when I was on The Young and the Restless. These are the best skin products I have ever used. intelliGENTS did all the work. It’s effortless for me to have great skin.

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10 Years Younger!