• Zed Laboratories, the world’s leader for revolutionary advances in skin care, introduced Skingenious in the year 2000 to coincide with the dawn of the new millennium.
  • The Skingenious targeted treatment products were developed utilizing the latest technology of the new millennium – chiral technology.
  • This technology completely redefines what we should be putting on our skin, or even in our bodies, and is the driving force behind nearly all modern pharmacological research. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry has spent many billions on chiral chemistry - the very same chemistry we use when formulating Skingenious products.
  • By formulating with chirally correct compounds, Zed Laboratories was able to produce ingenious skin strategies that deliver results never before possible. Most skin care formulations do not make use of this technology, even though science has proven that chirally correct compounds work in and on the body to an extent only hinted at by non-chirally correct compounds.
  • Bottom line - Skingenious products are more effective because their ingredients are chirally correct - and because they contain the highest possible concentrations of active ingredients.